Megan and Matt tied the knot on one of the most beautiful days in June. Little glimpse of their day, more to come!



Don & Michele – Farmington Gardens in Farmington, CT and Hill-stead Museum

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Ceremony and Reception at Farmington Gardens
First look at The Hill-Stead Museum for Wedding Photography
Florals – Stems Flower Design
Hair – Naomi’s Studio & Salon
Makeup – Naomi’s Studio & Salon
Dress – Lazaro
Bridesmaids – Jcrew
Groom – Tommy Hilfiger
Groomsmen – Calvin Klein
Venue – Farmington Gardens
Wedding Coordinator – Elizabeth Hall

Garrett & Dorothy – ceremony at Harkness Chapel with celebration at Jonathan Edwards Vineyard


Garrett and Dorothy are friends of mine now as I have been photographing their families for several years now. It is one of the things I love best – making pictures over time of the same people. The subtitles are stunning.

What I love about these two is their laid- back and super fun personalities. They really have a great energy about them and because of that they have TONS of friends. dorothy g19 dorothy g16 dorothy g13 dorothy g12 dorothy g8dorothy a1 dorothy a2 dorothy a3 dorothy a4 dorothy a5 dorothy a6 dorothy a7 dorothy a8 dorothy a9 dorothy a10dorothy b1 dorothy b2 dorothy b3 dorothy b4 dorothy b5 dorothy b6 dorothy b7 dorothy b8dorothy c1 dorothy c2 dorothy c3dorothy d1 dorothy d2 dorothy d3 dorothy d4 dorothy d5 dorothy d6 dorothy d7 dorothy d8 dorothy d9 dorothy d12 dorothy d13 dorothy d14 dorothy d15 dorothy d16 dorothy e3 dorothy e4 dorothy e5 dorothy e6 dorothy e7 dorothy e8 dorothy e9 dorothy e10 dorothy e12 dorothy e13 dorothy e14 dorothy e15 dorothy e18 dorothy e19 dorothy e20 dorothy e21 dorothy e22 dorothy e23 dorothy e24dorothy f1 dorothy f2 dorothy f3 dorothy f4 dorothy f5 dorothy f6 dorothy f7 dorothy f8 dorothy f9 dorothy f10 dorothy f11 dorothy f12 dorothy f13 dorothy f14 dorothy f15 dorothy f16 dorothy f17 dorothy f18 dorothy f19 dorothy f20 dorothy f21dorothy g1 dorothy g2 dorothy g3 dorothy g4 dorothy g5 dorothy g6 dorothy g7 dorothy g8 dorothy g9 dorothy g10 dorothy g16 dorothy g17 dorothy g20 dorothy h1 dorothy h2 dorothy h3 dorothy h4 dorothy h5 dorothy h6 dorothy h7 dorothy h8 dorothy h9 dorothy h10 dorothy h11 dorothy h12 dorothy h13 dorothy h14 dorothy h15 dorothy h16 dorothy h17 dorothy h18 dorothy h19 dorothy h20 dorothy h21 dorothy h22 dorothy h23 dorothy h25 dorothy h26 dorothy h27 dorothy h28 dorothy h29 dorothy h30 dorothy h31 dorothy h32 dorothy h33 dorothy h34dorothy h24

Jason and Diane at Elihu Island, Stonington CT

Some folk don’t know how lucky they are, but Jason and Diane are the exception to the rule. They run with gratitude. They give thanks often. They have a way of making you feel like you are oh so special and treasured. I like that about them. They reminded me of this simple act of care, to remember to give thanks. That goes a long way in my book.

On a wedding day, we have so much. Our very lives even. Marriage is a rite of passage, moving toward another realm, another opportunity to behold our reason for being. Giving to your beloved in selfless acts and being thankful for the opportunity to grow as a person. Marriage matures us and we are grateful.

But before we get there, how do some folk know how become so mindful to remember the gift of their parents.  Being raised takes some taking. Or better said, it takes some giving. This is what I am talking about.  Jason and Diane remembered. They remembered to say thank you to their mom and dad because they are so fully appreciative.

As a wedding photographer, I walk away changed. Moved. Inspired. These two changed me, thank you forever!

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