Keith and Laura – Married at Lighthouse Point!!!

Keith and Laura became family amongst the most dearest people on a lovely fall day with warm weather and yes – flip flops and a carousel! These gestures of ease and fun say a lot about them. They breathe in and breathe out loving and celebrating. It just comes naturally to them. Not so much being at the center of it all, but more so letting their friends and family being the center of their lives! Truly awesome! But much more than that, these two lovelies who let me into their awesome story of being married are part of my family. Cute flower girl – my niece!  Thank you for having Amanda and I share in the FUN! We had a blast.
DSC_3979DSC_3820 MAG_1162 MAG_0966 MAG_0912 MAG_1216 MAG_1317 AFT_0765 AFT_0767 MAG_1552 MAG_1593 MAG_1615 MAG_1622 MAG_1380 MAG_1435 MAG_1448 DSC_4086 DSC_4099 MAG_1867 MAG_1771 MAG_1789 MAG_1690 MAG_1704 MAG_1720 MAG_1722 MAG_1717 MAG_1958 MAG_1959 MAG_1960 MAG_1961 MAG_1963 MAG_1964 MAG_2018 MAG_2126 MAG_2341 MAG_2144 MAG_2267


One thought on “Keith and Laura – Married at Lighthouse Point!!!

  1. Danielle Charland-Gruhzit says:

    Lovely couple and amazing venue. What a beautiful family!!!! Thanks for sharing your very special day with us! God bless you with a beautiful life together!!!! ❤

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