Married on one of the prettiest fall days, Juliette and Andy came together and shared vows. Heartfelt and sweet vows. There are so many parts of a wedding day that I love and certainly way up there if not the top is the time of promises. Chaz Zezulka always brings a lovely and inspirational message and we all joined together in celebrating the coming together of Mr. and  Mrs. Parker! A big thank you for the gorgeous flowers from Charlotte at Thames River Greenery and also to Jen with coordination and yummy morsels with Gourmet Galley.

Many thanks for your kindness and having me there to see and tell your story!
UPW_3548UPW_2896 DSC_4268 UPW_3402 UPW_3458 DSC_4146 DSC_4161 UPW_2935 UPW_2887 UPW_2993 DSC_4306 DSC_4310 UPW_3019 UPW_3021 UPW_3033 UPW_3053 UPW_3027 UPW_3112 UPW_3124 UPW_3131 UPW_3158 UPW_3174 UPW_3224 UPW_3230 UPW_3492 UPW_3249 UPW_3501 DSC_4197 UPW_2868 UPW_3579 UPW_4008 DSC_4413 UPW_3561 DSC_4444 UPW_3513 UPW_3484 UPW_3477 UPW_3443


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