Emily and Ben – MARRIED! – Saltwater Farms Vineyard Wedding

Emily and Ben became family this past weekend. There was significant anticipation  for this event for there were so many great friends/vendors on board. Also this groom, is a brother of a previous groom who happened to marry his wife’s best friend who met at their wedding. A lot of the same wedding folk and similar guests too. In addition and even more importantly, there was a deep reverence for God, very strong family relationships, and a couple who really complemented each other oh so well. Saltwater Farms Vineyard shared in the festivities of celebration. Gourmet Galley fed us ALL so well. Delicious  – those lobster rolls rocked! Power Posse Productions pumped us up with good beats. Yumiko from Hana Floral continues to impress with some of the most beautiful flowers ever. Sarah and Caitlin from True Event contributed in peace and design. In my book, very highly valued contributions. Thank you Emily and Ben for having our team help to tell your beautiful beginning as husband and wife! More to come in the upcoming weeks.UPW_0313 UPW_0304 UPW_0368 UPW_0402 UPW_0404 UPW_0472 UPW_0484 UPW_0562 UPW_0698 UPW_0731 UPW_0761 UPW_0802 UPW_0942 UPW_0946 UPW_1008 UPW_1019 UPW_1030 UPW_1096 UPW_1127 UPW_1221 UPW_1252 UPW_1471 UPW_1639 UPW_1675 UPW_1684


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