BIG SALE + 3 Last Minute Gift Ideas for your special someone!

winter2014-1579986Many folks have asked how they could make a gift of my photography. For the person who has everything, or one who’s not interested in things, or one who would simply appreciate it, here are some FUN and UNIQUE gift ideas for last minute shoppers. Perhaps this is the gift you have never thought to give or the one you haven’t been able to find.  These gifts are differentbeautiful and perfect for your lovely someone. Plus, they come at a great savings:

  • CHILD’S PORTRAIT COMMISSION – 50% off +files included
  • FAMILY ADVENTURE COMMISSION – 40% off session fee + files included
  • WEDDING COMMISSION – 10% off package price

All gifts come with a lovely frame or ornament wrapped with care as a token of the commission that awaits.  Orders will be taken through the 22nd of December.  Let’s get shopping!



Consider giving a CHILD’S PORTRAIT COMMISSION - a classic heirloom portrait in black and white that perhaps catches the soulful gaze of a young one. I regularly take this sort of portrait of my own children and they are always adored by my friends and family. I extend this offering to all of you because these are my most prized treasures.  Regularly priced 350.00, but now 175.00 ( includes 8 files from the shoot).



Or consider a FAMILY ADVENTURE COMMISSION – This idea comes from my heart. I have these moments when– as a family– we are hiking together, planting/harvesting our garden, taking a morning at the beach, visiting the local orchard, chopping down a christmas tree, sailing, sledding, or just sharing any kind of good time. This is when I think to myself– WOW!!!– this is simply gorgeous.  I wish I had a photographer here to see all this yumminess! I have long since stopped doing organized portraiture with matching outfits and grumpy kids. In my own family, once a year is enough when we take THE family picture. It’s often an artificial, forced interruption of activity. Let’s face it– it’s simply not much fun. But when a family does what a family loves most, it’s pure joy. And guess what?  A family having fun and being together is photo worthy!  As an example, the pictures below were made when we went to the flower farm to pick flowers for Grammie’s birthday. Regularly priced 895.00, now 495.00 (includes 75 files from the shoot; local destinations preferred).

christmasgiftidea 2christmasgiftidea 9 christmasgiftidea 6 christmasgiftidea 12 christmasgiftidea 11 christmasgiftidea 4 christmasgiftidea 3 christmasgiftidea 5 christmasgiftidea 10 christmasgiftidea 8 christmasgiftidea 1 christmasgiftidea 7



Or, for the recently engaged, all WEDDING COMMISIONS through the month of January are 10% off.  Maybe this makes it possible to have a professional photographer at your wedding. Or maybe it frees up some of the budget to get a wedding album.  Whatever the case, I hope this will create a new possibility for you.




Whatever package you choose, take this as a gift from me to you!  But remember to act quickly, as orders are only taken through the 22nd of December.  Merry Christmas!




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Married on one of the prettiest fall days, Juliette and Andy came together and shared vows. Heartfelt and sweet vows. There are so many parts of a wedding day that I love and certainly way up there if not the top is the time of promises. Chaz Zezulka always brings a lovely and inspirational message and we all joined together in celebrating the coming together of Mr. and  Mrs. Parker! A big thank you for the gorgeous flowers from Charlotte at Thames River Greenery and also to Jen with coordination and yummy morsels with Gourmet Galley.

Many thanks for your kindness and having me there to see and tell your story!
UPW_3548UPW_2896 DSC_4268 UPW_3402 UPW_3458 DSC_4146 DSC_4161 UPW_2935 UPW_2887 UPW_2993 DSC_4306 DSC_4310 UPW_3019 UPW_3021 UPW_3033 UPW_3053 UPW_3027 UPW_3112 UPW_3124 UPW_3131 UPW_3158 UPW_3174 UPW_3224 UPW_3230 UPW_3492 UPW_3249 UPW_3501 DSC_4197 UPW_2868 UPW_3579 UPW_4008 DSC_4413 UPW_3561 DSC_4444 UPW_3513 UPW_3484 UPW_3477 UPW_3443

Keith and Laura – Married at Lighthouse Point!!!

Keith and Laura became family amongst the most dearest people on a lovely fall day with warm weather and yes – flip flops and a carousel! These gestures of ease and fun say a lot about them. They breathe in and breathe out loving and celebrating. It just comes naturally to them. Not so much being at the center of it all, but more so letting their friends and family being the center of their lives! Truly awesome! But much more than that, these two lovelies who let me into their awesome story of being married are part of my family. Cute flower girl – my niece!  Thank you for having Amanda and I share in the FUN! We had a blast.
DSC_3979DSC_3820 MAG_1162 MAG_0966 MAG_0912 MAG_1216 MAG_1317 AFT_0765 AFT_0767 MAG_1552 MAG_1593 MAG_1615 MAG_1622 MAG_1380 MAG_1435 MAG_1448 DSC_4086 DSC_4099 MAG_1867 MAG_1771 MAG_1789 MAG_1690 MAG_1704 MAG_1720 MAG_1722 MAG_1717 MAG_1958 MAG_1959 MAG_1960 MAG_1961 MAG_1963 MAG_1964 MAG_2018 MAG_2126 MAG_2341 MAG_2144 MAG_2267

Mike and Rose MARRIED at the Litchfield Country Club

Beautiful fall weddings are something else! Rose and Mike, two dear and lovely people became family at the Litchfield Country Club on one of these gorgeous days. What a day! What a party!

Thank you so much for having Steve and I there to capture such love and beauty. More to come soon with all the fun fall tent decor !!! Stunning!



MAG_0134 DSC_3069 DSC_3046 MAG_0149 MAG_0139 MAG_0223 MAG_0210 MAG_0209 MAG_0204 MAG_9261 MAG_9257 DSC_2850 DSC_2842 MAG_9315MAG_9339MAG_9362 MAG_9499 MAG_9950 DSC_2949 MAG_9419 MAG_9444 MAG_9456 MAG_9882 MAG_9864 MAG_9836 MAG_9931 MAG_0016 MAG_9939 MAG_0121 DSC_3140 DSC_3116 DSC_3079 DSC_3054 MAG_9971 DSC_3169

Jonathan and Erin – Big love in the Borough!

Big love in the Borough!!! Here’s a little glimpse of two dear ones who are very much in LOVE!!! Jon and Erin are soon-to-be married at Saltwater Farms Vineyard! We spent a little time being together at the point in the Borough and then headed over to another little beach. These guys felt like old friends. What an awesome job to blessed in meeting great people doing wonderful things for the world. One other thing, one of my favorite Latin American countries is Peru. Jon is from there and I am thrilled to see how this beautiful culture mingles with the romantic details of Saltwater this weekend. Thanks to you both for a lovely evening and the beginnings of  us being in each other’s lives. MAG_0674MAG_0723MAG_0690MAG_0669MAG_0639MAG_0705MAG_0668MAG_0703 MAG_0637 MAG_0719 MAG_0685

Devin and Mike – Married at the Spring House Block Island

Block Island has so many things that I love including this couple. Devin and Mike were married at the prettiest place out there.  We had beautiful showers and a smart bride who proposed the idea of doing some photos the day after in lieu of the the immense downpour on the actual wedding day. Thanks to all for having me, I felt so loved by so many. What a family!


DSC_9350 MAG_6588 DSC_9387 DSC_9412 MAG_6731 MAG_6473 DSC_9569DSC_9549 DSC_9574 MAG_7792 DSC_9601DSC_9608 MAG_7779 MAG_7815MAG_7794MAG_7793MAG_7831 DSC_9586 DSC_9557 MAG_7891 MAG_7872 DSC_9647 DSC_9639 MAG_7139

MAG_7156 MAG_7088 MAG_7709 MAG_7237 MAG_7299 MAG_7255 MAG_7283 MAG_7914 MAG_7939 MAG_7995 MAG_8008 MAG_7917 DSC_9675 DSC_9674 DSC_9713

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Alex and Tyler – married at Jonathan Edwards Vineyard, CT

A sweet preview from another dear couple this year. Seriously adorable in every way. Alex and Tyler celebrated with so many sweet family members at one of the most romantic and yet relaxed venues, Jonathan Edwards Vineyard. I love that they wore cowboy boots with their wedding attire. Some great folks helped make the date extraordinary, Russel Morin – awesome food -YUM! Hana Floral Design delivered stunning flowers. More to come in the upcoming weeks when the full release goes live.


alextyler_009 alextyler_001 alextyler_019alextyler_022 alextyler_018 alextyler_005alextyler_003 alextyler_006 alextyler_004 alextyler_010 alextyler_008 alextyler_014 alextyler_011alextyler_012alextyler_024 alextyler_007alextyler_017alextyler_002

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